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Attention: Metro Detroit independent video producers! J-Net Television free pre-launch special promotion is now available. If you are one of the first thirty registered producers you have access to the following options.

Your choice of (4) 30 minutes or (4) 60 minutes free time-slots to air your program content after the launch of the J-Net TV channel.  That's right you receive one month of free airtime with no contractual obligation! 


The time slots are made available Monday through Sunday from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight.  To secure the time-slot you won't complete the form below as soon as possible, this is a limited-time special offer to the first 30 producers to apply.  


Wait that is still more, you will also receive a thirty, 30-second radio commercial on J-Net Radio that will market your program run time-slot on J-Net TV.  You will also receive special recognition at our J-Net Enterprise live launch event.


The only monetary requirement is a one-time account set up fee of $27.95 for the 30-minute time-slot plan and $39.95 for the 60-minute time-slot plan, you have no contractual or commitments to continue airing your program after the initial special free time-slot promotion has completed.

 You will be notified by email two weeks before the actual launch date to upload your video content to our player.

Please act now to take advantage of this amazing special offer by completing the form below.

small tv set.GIF



small tv set.GIF



The registration of the free time slot promotion is a two-step process. Please follow the two steps below.

Step (1)

Pay one-time account set-up fee 


30-Minute Slot


60-Minute Slot

Step (2)

Complete the time-slot order form 

Monday - Sunday 6:am - 12 Midnight

Time-Slot Order Form

Thanks for your order!

You will receive two emails, the first email will be a receipt of purchase and the second email will be a verification of your time slot order and instruction on uploading your video content.

If for any reason the time slot day or time you selected is not available you'll be notified by a third email. 


This email will provide you information on what is available close to your original time slot and day of week request.


You will have the option to make another selection or you can cancel your initial order.

Thank you, and have a great day!