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Video part (1) IBO                                                                                                                         Video part (2) FOREX


Two Powerful Opportunties


Income Opportunity

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Tradera IBO Comp Plan Chart

$99 Membership Fee  /   $15 IBO Fee


Sign Up 3 Personals (Can be in Any Leg) = FREE MEMBERSHIP


KNIGHT- Leg1 (4) ~ Leg 2  (4) ~ Leg3 (2)

= $500/MO.


NOBLE -  Leg1 (10) ~ Leg 2  (10) ~ Leg3 (5)

= $1000/MO.


BISHOP -  Leg1 (30) ~ Leg 2  (30) ~ Leg3 (15)

= $2000/MO.


DUKE/DUCHESS -  Leg1 (100) ~ Leg 2  (100)  ~ Leg3 (50)

= $5000/MO.


PRINCE/PRINCESS -  Leg1 (200) ~ Leg 2  (200) ~ Leg3 (100)

= $10,000/MO.


KING/QUEEN -  Leg1 (400) ~ Leg 2  (400) ~ Leg3 (200)

= $20,000/MO


EMPEROR/EMPRESS -  Leg1 (1000) ~ Leg 2  (1000) ~ Leg3 (500) = $50,000/MO.


I AM LEGEND -  Leg1 (2000) ~ Leg 2  (2000) ~ Leg3 (1000)

= $100,000/MO.

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Learn more about the Forex membership click the image below to go to the Tradera corporate website.

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forex logo.jpg

Watch Live Webinar Tonight @ 9 pm EST

Click the link:

Password: SHARK (all caps)

Hello, I hope all is well with you and your family!   I hope you took the time to view the opportunity! There are so many people that are in need of financial help during these difficult times! We are helping thousands everyday!

I'm looking for the first 20 people that I can place in a top position in the Tradera opportunity.  If you are interested please complete the form below and I will send you a replacement link for you to join.   

These positions are supported by our team to help you be successful as quickly as possible and to get you qualified with your three immediately. 

Once that is done the business is free and now you can start receiving residual income based on the growth of your team.

Before you submit the form below please join us on a live webinar every night at 9 p.m. Eastern.  Click the  and enter the password: SHARK (all caps)

once you have seen the webinar if you want a position return to this website and complete the form below and you will receive your placement link.

 Only, serious-minded person, please respond!

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