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J-Net Enterprises is a business conglomerate that will consist of many different divisions. Each division will operate Independence of each other to guarantee the maximum exposure of information and entertainment.

J-Net vision is to operate as a positive marketing force of the activities and new changes in the city Detroit and surrounding areas by the way of its streaming J-Net television channel, Streaming J-Net Radio channel and magazine publication, Social Media, Internet marketing, public event promotion, and humanitarian project division.

By having these powerful resources in-house, allows us the opportunity to create a message system without the influence of politics or any entities that want to keep the community misinformed.

This is our way of giving the people their own voice to participate in the changes in Metro-Detroit.

You may have suggestions and ideas with real value that can make a difference. It will be our responsibility to make sure that you are aware of all opportunities available such as ie. Entrepreneurship investment, Housing, Employment, Educational, Creative and Entertainment opportunities and much more.

Information is power and we will be that resource to provide you that power and assist you. We will work closely and in harmony with all the current and future resources that are already in place.

We will grant access to those resources in our in-house marketing information system to get the message out to the masses.

J-Net Power by the people of Detroit!

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J-Net 24 hour Television broadcasting format will consist of an Educational, Informational, and Entertainment format.

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J-Net 24 hour Radio broadcasting format will consist of Talk, Jazz, R&B and Informational  format.

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J-Net Magazine 

Coming summer of 2021

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